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The swap house

Door: Katrin M
30 juni 2020

Instead of throwing your old furniture next to the bins, give them a new life

A lot of still good furniture ends up being thrown in the streets. People are moving so often in Amsterdam, that they naturally can’t take everything with them. 

However, as a lot of stuff is still good, and since it does not always get picked up by someone who sees the use in it on time, it often ends up being shredded and destroyed. 

That’s a pity, if the furniture was presented a little bit better, and did not get ruined by rain and dirt, more people would probably still want to make use of it. 

We propose to place a small container (similar to the ones used by construction workers) in the different 'wijks', where those pieces can be handed in, and where others can come in and have a look at what they might still want to use. If anyone is interested in repairing or looking for someone who knows how to prepare, that could be a nice add-on and communicated via a community board. 

At the end of each month, all remaining and still okay pieces can be collected or handed in to a charity.

Access to the container could be granted via a shared code among all neighbours for example, or some neighbours managing a key that can be picked up to store something or get something. 


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